What’s my theme?

So I’ve decided to become one of “those” people. One of the 20 million or so bloggers (and growing) in the United States. Now, I used to think that blogs were for families sharing pictures of the kids, or for subject matter experts on a variety of business topics. I found that ANYONE can have a blog on ANY topic.

I was recently talking to a blogger friend of mine (Motherhood and Me) and told her how I was going to finally put my writing to some use. Her first question…what’s your theme? Hmmmmmm. What’s my theme? Well, I’m the theme. Isn’t that okay? Can’t I just write about whatever is on my mind? If I want to gain readership and make some money off this blog, probably not. But I’m not using this blog as a tool so much as an outlet.

I know a little about a lot. I’m way smarter than Wheel of Fortune but not quite up to snuff for Jeopardy. But I like to think and I like to write and I like to share. Oh, and I’m starting my own business. It’s a partnership, actually. And this business is all about increasing and improving your web presence. I figured I should practice what I preach.

Am I worried about what potential clients might read on my blog? Not one bit. My belief is that the business world is shifting and we want to connect with people. Real people. Not just a company name, or a subject matter expert. But a real person with a real life where work is only one part of those you do business with.

So I’m Fadra. I’m a worker bee and super mom. Or at least I’m trying to be. Hope you’ll come along with me.


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