Why I can’t live without my iPhone

Stop. This is not a shameless promotion for the iPhone. I’m not one of those “OMG, I hate PCs and Bill Gates must die” kind of people. In fact, we’re a bit of a house divided. I have a PC and an iPhone. My husband has a Macbook and an iPhone. And we have a house computer that has an Apple on it. I couldn’t really tell you what model it is. (I’m sure my Mac friends will roll their eyes here).

But I AM a big fan of the Apple iPhone and not for the reasons you would suspect. Yes, it’s fun. In fact I call it my portable entertainment device. You’ll never be bored again. Got time to kill? Whip out your phone and play a game, or count your calories, or find a restaurant, or check your email.

Aha! That’s it. I have 3 email accounts set up on my phone. First, I check my personal email account. That’s where all the good stuff comes in. Then I check my work email account. Sometimes good stuff but much more sporadic. Then I will even check our “house” account for something…anything. I don’t even really know what that account is for. But if there is a message waiting, I’ll check it.

When I’ve exhausted all of my email options, I can pull up the Facebook app. I will have already known if I have anything interesting on my wall because I would have gotten an email. But I might check anyway. Maybe someone gave me a thumbs up because they liked something I said or did. Or they liked a picture I posted. I get email notifications of comments but the “like” option is always a surprise. If there is nothing new in my world, I can go and snoop around on 179 of my closest friends. Or people I went to elementary school with a long, long time ago.

So now I’m done. Nothing new is going on. Nobody is calling. Nobody is emailing. Oh wait, let me check Twitter! There is always some random chit-chat going on. And if I’m lucky, I might just have a mention somewhere.

Okay. You are convinced that I’m some insanely insecure person. Call it codependent if you want – I need to be needed. But that’s not really it. I think back to the good old days when we used to make important long distance calls and write letters. School kids connected with others through pen pals. For me, I had the daily excitement of going to the mailbox and hoping just MAYBE there would be a letter for me mixed in with all of my parents’ bills. My iPhone brings back just a little bit of that excitement for me. The only difference now is I am much better at writing back.