The blogger’s life for me

I don’t really consider myself a blogger. Sure, I have a blog. Sure, I post to it. But I’m not sure if I really get the whole blogging thing.

Here’s my deal. I like to think about things. And then overthink them. Then reflect on them. Then provide commentary on them. Sometimes I skip the thinking part and just go right to the commentary. Those usually aren’t my best moments. Regardless of all of that, what I enjoy the most about this process is writing about it. I can’t believe after 16 years of schooling (I went to college. I didn’t fail 4 times if that’s what you were thinking) that I actually enjoy writing. I even like reading what I have written.

So as some of you know, I started this blog as a bit of a creative release. And maybe even a little portfolio building (it’s nice to be able to refer to your own blog when someone asks you for writing samples). But I’m getting ready to cross the line and enter the REAL blogging world. And I have to tell you, I’m a little unsure of what to expect.

At the suggestion of my darling friend, Sue of Motherhood and Me, who I seem to promote every week, I signed up to attend Bloggy Boot Camp in Baltimore on Saturday, 3/6. It’s a blogging and social media workshop for women. I’m kind of excited to learn more. But at the same time, I’m not sure what to do with that knowledge.

It seems like most women going are full-on, go-get-em bloggers who have a purpose. Raising twins! Crafts! Cooking! Mommies! I just like to write. And I’m not even consistent with that. I anticipate some of the things I probably don’t do “right”:

  • I don’t post frequently and certainly not consistently
  • I don’t have a theme throughout my blog
  • I still use my blogspot URL (at least I have a forward set up on!)
  • I don’t have a customized template
  • I don’t have advertisement
  • I don’t highly promote my blog (usually just a quick Twitter and Facebook share)

Just so I wouldn’t have to hang my head in shame in comparison to all the other bloggers, I thought I would write a new post. This is it. I also slightly customized my blog template (got rid of some annoying text tags) and I added bling! This is more or less a badge telling everyone I am going to Bloggy Boot Camp. And I signed up for Google Adsense so that you can click on things that interested you and I will make .0003 cents or something like that. I’m a little impressed with myself.

I don’t really know what to expect on Saturday. Right now, I envision a lot of enthusiastic women, a lot of pink, and a lot of hugging. None of those are really me. What I hope is that I will come back pleasantly surprised, a lot more knowledgeable, and maybe even with a few more friends.

So at the suggestion of Evolving Mommy (oops, I called you Mama in the video), I put together an intro video about myself for my fellow bloggers and for my loyal followers (all 3 of you?) to learn some fun facts about Fadra.